Solar LED color T.V.- 14 Inch

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Rs 17500

Product Brief Description

ECCO Solar has launched Solar LED Color T.V. with MPPT solar technology used.

ECCO Solar color T.V. operate with Solar charge controller which is based on MPPT charging. It works as a mini ups. 

Maximum Retail Price(MRP) 17500
LCD Screen Size 14 - Inch
Back Up hrs. at full charged Battery 4 hrs.
High Definition LCD
Power Consumption 12 Watt
Charging Technology MPPT-CCU
Battery Output Operates on 12 volt Battery
External Battery Requirement 7 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Solar Panel 15 watt
Durability High quality Toughened Body
Solar Charging Yes
Make Designed & Made By ECCO(INDIA)


  1. Specially designed for Solar Purpose,
  2. Runs on Solar Power,
  3. Operate on DC 12 Volt,
  4. 4 hrs Back-up,
  5. Energy savings,
  6. Low Power Cost,
  7. Light Weight and Easy to Carry,
  8. Easy to operate,
  9. MPPT technology based charge controller unit.
  10. It works as a mini UPS.
  11. High Definition (HD-1080P) Supportable LED T.V..
  12. Support H.264 MPEG-4AVC
  13. Signal optimizing


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